Why I Stopped Dieting

I originally posted this on my Beach Body blog last month, but felt it appropriate to repost it here:

I finally discovered the "secret" to losing weight. It's actually quite simple and can be summed up in this: eat less and get active! Yes, I'm serious.

I will no longer put sugar-free, fat-free products into my body. I found that by cooking/baking "diet" food, I resented having to make extra meals for my family. Why couldn't we just all eat the same? Well, we can. It's called HEALTHY eating and portion control! I use www.myfitnesspal.com (it's FREE to join) to log my calories (1200-1400/day). I've learned what a healthy portion size is by literally measuring out my meals.

And guess what? It feels good to enjoy a small bowl of ice cream with my family after dinner! There really is no need to buy the sugar-free or low-fat kinds! I just measure out 1/2 cup of ice cream and consume anywhere from 120-200 calories for a truly guilt-free dessert. (I've found that by putting my ice cream into a small bowl, it doesn't seem like so much less -- I like to use those small glass Pampered Chef bowls!)

I've also started exercising daily. Occasionally I take a day off from exercise, but I also have days where I workout twice (yes, on purpose!). My favorite home workout is TurboJam:  20 Min Workout **UPDATE:  I'm addicted to TurboSculpt this month!**. It's quick and fun! I really don't feel like I'm working out while I'm punching and kicking. My kids sometimes join me, too.

In addition to my DVD workouts, I've developed a love of running! Who knew? A friend suggested I start the Couch 2 5K program with her and it's stuck with me.....I'm up to running 1 mile without stopping. We are all going to do the Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving, and I am actually excited about it!

So I have said goodbye to the word "diet". I will no longer put weird foods in my body and make separate meals for myself. My whole family eats healthy whole foods. And we exercise together quite often.

I'm excited to say that 32 pounds and 8" (off my waist) are gone forever! I still have about 15-20 pounds to go, but it's not such an impossible task anymore. **UPDATE: I have lost 39 pounds and 9"**