Pumpkin Phyllo Tartletts

I had some leftover homemade Kuri squash puree (similar to pumpkin) and wanted to make a healthy dessert.  So I opened the fridge to find some phyllo dough leftover from making chicken pot pies and a light went on!   

I quickly gathered a few supplies and invented this recipe:  Pumpkin Phyllo Tartletts.  This would make a great and much healthier alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie for the holidays as it has less than 100 calories!  (And for a few extra calories each, I could easily see some variations with walnuts inside and sprinkled on top.)

This stuff is great for baking!
  • 10 sheets phyllo dough
  • 1T + 10 tsp Olivio coconut spread, divided
  • 1 c pumpkin (or Kuri squash) puree 
  • 1/3 c brown sugar 
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • Olivio coconut spread for greasing tins
  • honey (for drizzling on top)
  • cinnamon (for sprinkling on top)

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Coat 10 muffin tins (preferrably silicone type) with coconut spread.
  3. Cut phyllo dough into square stacks.  Reserve 10 squares.  Divide the rest into the 10 greased tins and press down to form "tartletts".
  4. Combine puree, 1 T coconut spread, brown sugar and spice.
  5. Drop a spoonful of pumpkin mixture into tartletts. 
  6. Cover each tartlett with the reserved phyllo dough square and drop 1 tsp of coconut spread on top of each.
  7. Bake in preheated oven for 20-25 min (until tops turn brown).
  8. Keep tartletts in tins until cool, then remove and drizzle with honey and sprinkle with cinnamon.
This recipe should easily double or triple.  (I also froze a couple of tartletts to see how they hold up and will update you later on the results of reheating them.)  

By the way....if you have a chance, go to my friend Amanda's blog here.   She features some of the best blog posts out there -- from thrifty finds and makeovers to great recipes.  I couldn't possibly tell you all of the wonderful things she posts!  She is my blogger hero and I hope to be her when I grow up. (No, she didn't pay me to say that.  She doesn't even know I'm posting this about her and I'm not even sure if she knows I'm blogging these days!!)
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