Beachbody's Ultimate Reset Cleanse (week 2)

Typical Week 2 Breakfast
I’ve heard time and time again, “Wow, you have so much willpower!”  Well, maybe I have some willpower, but I read a powerful explanation on the Ultimate Reset website (FAQ section) that really changed my mindset at the beginning and has helped me stick with this program:  “The Ultimate Reset Program is not a diet; it’s a detox program.  So try to view it as such.  (A person who’s on a program to quit smoking doesn’t cheat from time to time with the intent of eliminating the addiction to nicotine, right?)”  When I think, “Oh, I’d really like a cup of coffee with real cream again……” I remember, I’m ridding my body of all toxins to “reset” my metabolism and really re-energize my workouts.  To me, the small sacrifices I’m making now will pay off in another week when I’ll slowly add some of my old foods back into my diet and when I begin Body Pump again.  What I have discovered is that I do not crave some of the same things anymore.  My roasted veggies with homemade sauces, or big bowls of fresh fruit, or the homemade soups I’ve made are much more appealing than many of my old “comfort” foods.

It’s difficult to explain, but I really do feel better overall.  I’ve noticed my complexion got bad earlier in the week (I guess from the toxins coming out) and it has cleared up now.  My skin feels so smooth, like I’m using moisturizer, but I’m not.  Although I was very fatigued Saturday after cutting the grass, I recovered pretty quickly.  I’m not experiencing any aches and pains like I expected, but we’ll see what this last week brings with the new supplement. 

I’ve managed to take the supplements exactly as prescribed which is not easy for me.  I’m not one to take medicines or vitamins regularly, but I keep the chart of what I take and when on my fridge at eye level.  I mark off each one I take so I never forget.  Also, the night before, I load my travel pouch (from Beachbody) with all the supplements I’ll need for the next day.

Overall, and I’m only 2 weeks in, I believe this is the best program for health I’ve ever encountered!  It’s not a diet because the focus is on removing toxins from my body and restoring my insides to optimal health through proper nutrition (the carefully planned meals Beachbody gives you are simple to prepare and fill you up – you will not starve on this cleanse).  And the supplements are gentle compared to other cleanses I’ve tried.  What a wonderful side effect of restoring my body to optimal health:  weight & inches lost!  And here’s my cumulative results over the past two weeks:  I’ve lost EIGHT pounds, 2” off each thigh, 1.5” off my waist, and 1/2” off my hips.  

All I have to say is wow!  This is the breakthrough I have been looking for.  To be perfectly honest, I was up about 5 pounds before I started this cleanse from my lowest weight (probably January I was at my lowest).  So now those are gone AND I’ve lost more already!  (Since my heaviest weight, I’ve lost just over 45 pounds!)  I’m so much closer to a healthy BMI (below 25 is considered healthy) –currently I think mine is 26.1.  I’ve learned some great recipes that I plan to incorporate in my meal planning on a regular basis.  I’ve found the key with trying these new foods is proper seasonings.  I love Himalayan sea salt and a great herbal seasoning I found at Trader Joe’s.  Also, sometimes just a sprinkle of lemon juice enhances the flavor of steamed and roasted veggies. 

Here’s some excerpts from my food journal this past week:

Day 8:  April 30, 2012 Monday
Had 3 cups of fruit (apples, strawberries & kiwi) for breakfast.  Also started the detox packets this week.  Lunch is simple today, salad and avocado, so little to no prep there.  Plus, since I already started dinner, it should only take me 15-20 min to make dinner tonight.  Finally an easy cooking day!  I had more energy today than I’ve had since the beginning.  I feel upbeat and happy!  No problems with snacking today……went to the grocery store and got the rest of the food for this week.  Finding no problems sticking to the plan.  Food is just so good!  Went to bed a little later than usual (10:30pm).

Day 9:  May 1, 2012 Tuesday
Day 9 dinner
Woke up before 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep!  Weirdest breakfast ever…..miso soup, avocado, and smashed chickpeas, but delicious -- yes, really!  The new supplement (detox packet) this week has a strange taste, but not terrible.  Glad I made extra dinner last night (rice & beans) so lunch just needs to be warmed up.  Looking forward to the new soup recipe tonight.  Wasn’t hungry, but decided to have one of the snacks.  Weird combo – strawberries & corn!  Strange, but tasty.  Snack portions are large.

Day 10:  May 2, 2012 Wednesday
I love having 3 cups of fresh fruit for breakfast.  This is something kind of new for me….I’ve been so used to either oatmeal, yogurt, or a smoothie, that I’ve never just stopped and had plain fruit.  Love it!  Still feeling extremely full from the portions.  Food is excellent today.  Had a snack (carrots and avocado).  Can’t imagine being able to eat dinner b/c I’m so full still.  Supplements are getting a tad bit easier to take.  Looking forward to tonight’s dinner – another new recipe!  No headache, and I feel good – lots of energy.  Can’t believe I’m already halfway!  

Day 11:  May 3, 2012 Thursday
Had co-op again today – it’s our last day, so I planned ahead and brought my supplements and lunch with me.  I also packed lunches for the kids.  I called it “inside out sushi” – I put all the ingredients that I use in my veggie sushi recipe except the nori sheets into a small Tupperware (brown rice, avocado, cream cheese, cherry tomatoes, carrots, & cucumber).  They were actually excited about it!  (I think giving it a fun name was probably key.)  Not difficult to say no to the treats in the teacher’s lounge today.  I’m feeling really good – almost like I have super powers or something (yes, really!).  Because it was the last day of co-op, my students had a party in class and brought treats.  While they ate rainbow cupcakes, cookies and chips/salsa, I took my supplements!  I chugged down the detox packet with some water and reminded myself how much better I’m making my insides.  Went to bed by 10pm.

Day 12:  May 4, 2012 Friday
Day 12 dinner
Up by 6am.  Had friends for lunch – made grilled cheese for the kiddos, but had salad with my friend, along with hearty vegetable miso soup.  I still have a difficult time eating everything!  Food is very filling and still tastes excellent.   I bought green chai tea at the store and had some today.  It’s really nice.  I put just 1 tablespoon of coconut milk (unsweetened) in it.  Coconut collard greens with roasted Mediterranean beets isn’t something I would have expected to taste so great for dinner, but it did!  I am definitely incorporating these recipes into our regular meal plans.  Went to bed by 9:30pm again.

Day 13:  May 5, 2012 Saturday
Up just before 6am.  The grass needed to be cut, so even though I’ve been avoiding anything too strenuous, I tried to do it myself this morning.  I made it most of the way, but my hubby took over and finished the last small section.  Afterward I was very lightheaded and felt weak.  I can see now why it’s important not to work out during the cleanse!  (I had 2-3 tablespoons of nuts to help give me back some energy.)  We planned to have lunch at a local restaurant downtown with friends today.  I wasn’t that worried, even though it’s our favorite Italian pizza place.  I drank two full glasses of water and had some more nuts to help fill me before we left.  I chose water at the restaurant, and the roasted/grilled veggie sub for lunch.  I subbed out my fries for a side salad that I just put balsamic vinegar on (no oil since my sub had quite a bit already).  I also gave all my bread to my kiddos.  I felt full and it felt wonderful to be able to eat out today!  Tonight’s dinner was fabulous as usual.  The garlic-tahini sauce on roasted acorn squash was another new recipe that I loved.

Day 14:  May 6, 2012 Sunday
Switched yesterday’s breakfast with today’s.  It’s strange how my tastes have changed since I began this two weeks ago.  I truly never thought having “smashed” chickpeas with steamed spinach and avocado would be appealing in the morning, but it was filling and tasted great.  Struggled not to get coffee at church this morning, but when the store bought cinnamon rolls went by me, I wasn’t even tempted.  My taste buds must have changed because it didn’t even look appealing to me!  I had to go grocery shopping and decided to go to Trader Joe’s again because it’s so much cheaper.  I had to snack on the strawberries I picked on the way to Trader Joe’s (which are one of the suggested snacks for weeks 2&3).  This trip made for a very late night and I didn’t get my dinner made until 9pm.  Went to bed by 10pm again.